Chesterfield Australia Gourmet in Gundy 11th – 13th September 2015

The 2015 Chesterfield Australia Gourmet in Gundy Festival is on September 11th to 13th, 2015.  

Steam Train V Model T Ford’s… and the winner is…

They are all winners! On Sunday 7th June from Goondwindi to Toobeah was a race of a different kind&#

Business After Hours at Tait Auto Group

David Tait and the team put on a great evening on Thursday 4th June at the Border Rivers Chamber of


Chesterfield Australia Gourmet in Gundy 11th – 13th September 2015

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The 2015 Chesterfield Australia Gourmet in Gundy Festival

is on September 11th to 13th, 2015.


gourmet cows you dont realise



We are taking expressions of interest for Exhibitors for Sunday 13th September 2015 – 9:30am – 4pm

Download the Food & Wine Exhibitors Expression of Interest Booking form here:

GinG 2015 Food and Wine Exhibitors EOI and Stall booking form

Download the Market Stall Holder Expression of Interest form here:

Gourmet in Gundy 2015 Market Booking form

Complete and either fax: 0746713576 or email:






Held each year, the second weekend in September this is Goondiwindi’s gem. It makes for a fantastic weekend as many other events are also held in conjunction with Gourmet in Gundy on the beautiful banks of the Macintyre River on the Qld & NSW border.

GOURMET IN GUNDY 2015 DATES : SEPT 11 to 13 2015  CONTACT Brooke Saxby at the BRCC :0746 713264 



From Moree (south of Goondiwindi) Newell Hwy To Goondiwindi .At main  highway roundabout, first exit to Marshall St. Continue down Marshall St thru 2 roundabouts  then turn right onto Albert and 1st left at roundabout onto Russell. Continue on Russell to Cnr Russell and Short St ,Community Centre on left Click for directions from Moree From Brisbane (via Toowoomba) take Gore Hwy which becomes Leichhardt Hwy.When in Goondiwindi turn left off of Leichhardt Hwy to Lagoon St which becomes Russell St. Community Centre on left side at Cnr Russell St & Short St

Please email below address if you are interested in exhibiting.
Email :

Thank you to our 2014 Exhibitors:

  • Chef Sudhas Indian Delights
  • Naughty Goat Farm Coffees
  • Le Bou Foods- winner of Champion Exhibitor
  • Lindys Tomatoes
  • Cheeseworld
  • Your Inspiration at Home
  •  O’ Sheas Royal Hotel
  • Miss Delicious Chocolates
  • Ivy’s Filipino Food
  • Woodsy’s Real Food Store
  • Koolkuna Berries Ice Creams
  • Glennie Gourmet Bakery
  • Twisted Potatoes /Pancakes
  • Stella May Fine Foods
  • Forest Estate Grove Wood Fired Pizza
  • Gwydir Grove Olives
  • Neen’s Coffee Shop
  • The Bratwurst Express
  • Exotic Candy
  • Delicious Designs
  • Jim’s Jerky
  • Chillies on the Border

Featuring “Gourmet Bob” SNAG” Sausage shows at 11am & 2pm

Our Wineries and Boutique Beers

  • 2nd2 None Wines
  • Granite Ridge Wines
  • Summit Estate Wines
  • Gowan Brae Estate
  • Robert Channon Wines
  • Apex Boutique Beers


Our Market stalls

  • Our Kitchen Garden
  • Celebration Tupperware
  • Tina maree  Jewellry
  • WOW Creations
  • Letto Bella Linen
  • Sharon’s Jewellery
  • Karismarai Ladies Wear
  • Hidow Pain Relief
  • Goondiwindi Organic
  • Euraba Paper

All booked out 2014 !



Brooke Saxby – Event Manager

Gourmet in Gundy
PO Box 527
Goondiwindi,Qld 4390
ph 07 4671 3264
fax 07 4671 3576


Steam Train V Model T Ford’s… and the winner is…

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They are all winners! On Sunday 7th June from Goondwindi to Toobeah was a race of a different kind…let’s go back in time between 1908 and 1927 when the Model T Ford’s were the vogue, and people travelled regularly via steam train. These days Steam trains are found more prominently in museums and the Model T Ford’s are a collectors dream!

All the old toys were out on show over the weekend with 28 Model T Ford enthusiasts along with a swag of old MG’s hitting the bitumen to race the Steam Train 50km’s to Toobeah. Both steam trains and the Model T fords struggle to travel more than 70km’s per hour when pushed to their limit’s so it was a slower race… but this made it that much more exciting!

Traveling to Toobeah it was great to see crowds of people out and about along the road and ready to take some great shots of the train and passing vehicles. We convoyed out to Toobeah and stopped just shy of the town where the railway crossing intercepts with the road and we got some great shots while keeping an eye out for the big black cloud of smoke to approach us…then onwards to make it to our destination: Toobeah just in time for a cold beer and some lunch.

Take a look at the following photo’s and please contact the Border Rivers Chamber of Commerce on (07) 46713264 if you would like any copies.

2015-06-07 13.42.43 2015-06-07 13.42.42 2015-06-07 13.42.40 2015-06-07 13.42.39 2015-06-07 13.42.36 2015-06-07 13.42.10 2015-06-07 13.42.08 2015-06-07 13.41.59 2015-06-07 13.41.58 2015-06-07 13.41.56 2015-06-07 13.41.55 2015-06-07 13.41.52 2015-06-07 13.41.37 2015-06-07 13.40.18 2015-06-07 13.40.04 2015-06-07 13.39.18 2015-06-07 13.39.17 2015-06-07 13.38.44 2015-06-07 13.38.08 2015-06-07 13.38.07 2015-06-07 13.38.00 2015-06-07 13.37.58 2015-06-07 13.37.56 2015-06-07 13.37.55  2015-06-07 13.37.47  2015-06-07 13.37.33 2015-06-07 13.37.19 2015-06-07 13.37.18 2015-06-07 13.37.16 2015-06-07 13.37.15 2015-06-07 13.37.14 2015-06-07 13.37.12 2015-06-07 13.35.19 2015-06-07 13.35.18 2015-06-07 13.35.17 2015-06-07 13.35.15 2015-06-07 13.35.13 2015-06-07 13.35.12 2015-06-07 13.35.07 2015-06-07 13.34.53 2015-06-07 13.34.52 2015-06-07 13.34.51 2015-06-07 13.33.29 2015-06-07 13.32.03 2015-06-07 13.27.44-2 2015-06-07 13.27.09 2015-06-07 13.27.06 2015-06-07 13.19.55 2015-06-07 13.19.54 2015-06-07 13.19.44 2015-06-07 13.19.42 2015-06-07 13.17.00 2015-06-07 13.16.44 2015-06-07 13.15.41 2015-06-07 13.13.00 2015-06-07 13.11.18 2015-06-07 13.11.17 2015-06-07 13.10.48 2015-06-07 13.09.16 2015-06-07 13.08.41 2015-06-07 13.08.24 2015-06-07 13.07.31 2015-06-07 13.07.20 2015-06-07 13.06.29 2015-06-07 13.06.23 2015-06-07 12.50.38 2015-06-07 12.50.37 2015-06-07 12.50.35 2015-06-07 12.50.33 2015-06-07 12.50.32 2015-06-07 12.50.30 2015-06-07 12.50.28 2015-06-07 12.50.27 2015-06-07 12.50.25 2015-06-07 12.50.20 2015-06-07 12.50.13 2015-06-07 12.50.11 2015-06-07 12.50.09 2015-06-07 12.49.29 2015-06-07 12.49.26 2015-06-07 12.49.24 2015-06-07 12.47.56 2015-06-07 12.47.54 2015-06-07 12.33.32 2015-06-07 12.33.30 2015-06-07 12.30.15 2015-06-07 12.29.19 2015-06-07 12.29.17 2015-06-07 12.27.04






Business After Hours at Tait Auto Group

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David Tait and the team put on a great evening on Thursday 4th June at the Border Rivers Chamber of Commerce’s Business After Hours event. With catering supplied by Laurenz Café and ice cold drinks or a coffee available amongst great company, the group enjoyed an insight into how Tait Auto Group came to be.

Davd or ‘Taity’ to the locals, spoke about the importance of the new Toyota Edict – “Toyota Guests for Life”  which is a promise where customers are treated and referred to as guests and the importance of making lifelong commitments to their guests. This new Dealership Model is designed to ensure a “guest” is a “guest” for life through the delivery  of not a basic experience, nor an expected experience, or a desired experience but an unbelievable Dealership experience. Taity spoke about some great initiatives and local sporting clubs he supports in our community, the importance of giving back, and the benefits of working together with other organisations.

Taity consistently looks outside the square when faced with problems: during the financial crisis in 2011, Taity struggled to get the trays for his Toyota’s to Goondiwindi for his customers and consistently was told he would have to wait for the trays to be made, so he purchased Border Trays in Goondiwindi, and organised for all of his trays to be made by them, on time and as a priority. Not to mention that all the steel that goes into making the trays is purchased from his other business: Tait Steel. Taity said as his business grew, he made choices relevant to the barriers he was facing. Taity currently employs just under 95 staff with all of his businesses and amongst these staff proudly has mechanics, sales men and other workers employed with him for practically all of their adult lives!

Brooke Saxby, Executive Officer for the Border Rivers Chamber of Commerce reiterated the importance of shopping local and encouraged all business people to do a ‘shop local health check’ on their business expenses and see if any  changes can be made where they have the opportunity to support a local person or local business.  Brooke encouraged businesses to also assess different businesses and organisations they work closely with and look at opportunities for both to benefit.

The next Business After Hours event will be at MacKenzie’s Home Timber and Hardware and the date will be released in the coming weeks.

Enjoy a few photo’s from the evening:


2015-06-04 18.19.45

Attendees mingling just before the speeches.

2015-06-04 18.10.27

Attendees mingling just before the speeches.

2015-06-04 18.10.11

Some of the Tait Auto Group staff: Karen Brown, Jodie Carey, Lindy Goodwin & Carol Ormes

2015-06-04 18.09.12

The staff at ‘Taits’ ensured their guests were well looked after.


Photo’s from the Lowes Petroleum Business Awards 2015

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The Lowes Petroleum Business Awards: You won’t want to miss this!

May 11, 2015 in BRCC, Business, Events, Featured

Guest speaker:

Andrew Youngberry is the owner of Inglewood Farms and is changing the world one organic chicken at a time… and his business employs 10% of the population of Inglewood! Take a look at Andrew’s appearance on ABC’s Landline TV series:


Guests will also be treated to a performance from Lyn Bowtell:

Lyn Bowtell is a 2013 APRA Song of The Year finalist, two-time Golden Guitar winner and MO Award winner (Bella), Toyota Star Maker winner, and was nominated for two Golden Guitars in the 2013 Country Music Awards for Best Female Artist and Best Alternative Album of the year for ‘Secret Songs‘.

Lyn was further nominated for three Golden Guitars in the 2015 Country Music Awards in the Best Female Artist, Vocal Collaboration of the Year,and Best Alternative Album of the year,winning the Golden Guitar in the Best Alternative Album of the Year category for ‘Heart of Sorrow’.
Lyns Latest album ‘Heart of Sorrow’ debuted at #5 in the ARIA Country Charts in its first week of release.

Take a look at her hit song ‘Heart of Sorrow’ here:




ONLINE BOOKINGS CLOSED – book by phone today: 11th MAY!

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Book your tickets today for this years 2015 Lowes Petroleum Business Awards!!


Date: Friday 15th May, 2015
Where: O’Shea’s Royal Hotel – Macintyre Room, 48 Marshall Street, Goondiwindi, QLD, 4390
Time: 6:30PM
Theme: Cocktail Dinner
Ticket Price: $88 (inclusive of GST)
How to book: Online bookings have now closed – please book via phone:
Or call: (07) 46713264 BRCC office and speak with Brooke or Lori to book your seat. Alternatively call 0431 288 690 to secure a seat today!
Event Description:
A Border Rivers Chamber of Commerce initiative presenting a Gala dinner to celebrate the achievements of businesses and individuals in the Goondiwindi region. We have received some wonderful nominations that recognise great achievements and  we will share their stories to inspire others to grow their businesses and personal brand. All winners of 8 categories will be announce on the evening! Featuring guest speaker Andrew Youngberry of Inglewood Farms and the musical stylings of this years guest judge, the 2015 Golden Guitar winner: musician Lyn Bowtell. This is an event not to be missed.

Business After Hours @ Woodsy’s Real Food Store

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A delicious selection of local and organic treats: toasted baguettes with local onion and tomato chutney, Sourdough with Forest Glen Olive Oils & Dukkah, and delicious organic Beetroot with Cashew Cheese, walnuts and orange slice! Organic Wines were also available to sample along with popular beers.

Business After Hours events are open to everyone in the community to attend. They are a free event – attendee’s must simply RSVP for catering purposes.


Another Successful networking event at Woodsy’s Real Food Store on Thursday night the 9th April, 2015.

Judy Woods is passionate about health food and providing the community with health food alternatives, particularly focussing on people with intolerances that may have struggled with finding certain health foods in Goondiwindi previously. Judy’s shop is growing from strength to strength and there is exciting news on the horizon that she will be looking at facilitating cooking classes and other hands on activities in her store. Judy expressed her gratitude to local businesses and organisations that have supported her since inception and she is always excited to attract new business.

Judy has been a member with the BRCC since she signed the papers to lease the shop front and we are proud to have Judy as a member as she really understands the importance of getting involved in the community and she is working hard to make her business grow!

Thanks Judy and family for all of your work in holding an excellend Business After Hours event – the next Business After Hours is on the 4th June at Tait Motors. We hope to see another great crowd at the next event.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the chamber of commerce please email: and we will provide you with further details :)

Brooke Saxby

Executive Officer

Border Rivers Chamber of Commerce (BRCC)





Business After Hours @ The Larder

April 9, 2015 in BRCC, Business, Events, Featured

Sally & Anthony Triggs, owners of The Larder in Goondiwindi hosted the March Business After Hours and it was another successful event.

Goondiwindi Plus More’s Rebecca Cover filmed a great speech made by Sally Triggs about the importance of commerce to keep our community vibrant and this film clip can be viewed here:

Lovely 5 minute treats with all products available for purchase at The Larder were available to sample along with ice cold drinks to share a cheers with other like minded business people.

Thanks to the entire team for a wonderful night!

2015-03-05 18.08.04

2015-03-05 19.10.482015-03-05 19.01.082015-03-05 19.00.57

2015-03-05 19.00.42-1


Lowes Petroleum Business Awards

March 3, 2015 in BRCC, Business, Events, Featured

Business Awards Logo Lowes

The Lowes Petroleum Business Awards 2015 are confirmed to be held on Friday 15th May, 2015 at the Royal Hotel in Goondiwindi.

Save the date in your calendar and further details and nomination forms will be added to this website throughout the month of March.


Border Rivers Fuel Watch 11022015

February 12, 2015 in BRCC

Border Rivers Fuel Watch for 11022015 -

Did you know Ralphie’s in Inglewood go the extra mile for their customers by assisting with fueling up and a free windscreen wash!

For any updates please contact the Border Rivers Chamber of Commerce via email:

fuel watch 11022015